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Welcome to Land Max – 

Here at Land Max we can do most any jobs when it comes to land reclamation. The heavy duty forestry mulcher we use can demolish any scrub or bush.

  • Crush Stone up to 6″ in size.
  • Mulch scrub & bush to a pulp.
  • Mulch roots under the ground.
  • Working depth up to 10″
  • Mulch trees up to 10″
  • Mulch out tree stumps with ease
  • Recrush stone lanes back to gravel.

This land was overgrown with 12ft whins, briars, small trees and whitehorn, as seen in the picture the first pass leaves all scrub in mulch on the ground.

Above the tractor is parked in the same place as the opposite picture but with the second pass the mulcher tills the ground and leaves the land ready for seed.


The three pictures above show a steep hill overgrown with whins, when we are finished you can see that the land is mulched & ready for seed grass.

If you are thinking of getting a digger to clear your land talk to us first! We can do the job in a shorter time with no soiled moved off the land and no need for men and dump trailer’s on standby.

Our videos on YouTube (Click Here)  will show how quickly we can clear your land. If you need the likes of willow cleared from your land you’ll know it’s hard to kill, we can kill it, once and for all.

land max

The global land price survey, shows that the average price of farming land in Ireland is €9364/ac.

Now if your land is overgrown with scrub we at Land Max can bring that land back to top quality land.

landmax clearing brushes

This land was soft with a lot of scrub.

landmax clearing brushes

The land was cleared down to ground level, all mulch is now on top of the ground.

landmax clearing brushes

As you can see the land has been tilled, all mulch & root have been chopped up & mixed with the soil, ready for grass seed.

Here at LandMax we get your land cleared in the fastest most economical way. We cover all Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Willow is very hard to clear from land. We can till the ground and mulch up the roots which prevents grow back, you’ll even be able to plough it afterwards and find no roots.

You can contact us 7 days a week


Land Reclamation

We have machines to cope with any job. Land that is overgrown with whinns, sallys, blackthorn, briares, ferros & rodedendrums etc. We can clear it back and mulch up the roots, soil & leave the land ready for grass seed. Mulcher will also crush stones up to six inch in size, so no gathering stones afterwards.



After we have finished, the land is ready to sow grass, hale, rape etc. Then roll & your finished.

Scrub Removal

Clearing scrub is exactly what it says, we can clear the scrub from your land and leave a finely mulched layer on top of the soil to help keep down weeds.

land max

Single Farm Payment

Don’t let the Department charge you  penalties for having scrub around your ditches or through the fields. We can clear up that problem for you in no time.


Fire Breaks

Are you near a fire hazard? We can clear a strip of land down to the soil between you and the fire hazard.


Laneway's & Potholes

If you have a lane that has now too many potholes that you can’t avoid anymore, we can re-crush the top of the lane and leave the bottom still with the hard foundation after the lane has been crushed. All we need to do is level it out again and roll it back. You’ll have a new lane or driveway.


Horse Tracks

Is your horse track water logged? We can re-do it and leave it so water can soak down through and the track will be soft underfoot.

landmax on youtube

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